Patio Furniture Restoration

The months leading into Fall/Winter are normally the months when we are inundated with requests for patio furniture restoration projects. We have all seen it. Over time, paint chips, peals, fades and depending on how many times the furniture is hit, bumped into, or stacked in storage, scratching is the issue. In other cases, clients just want a change of colour and the autumn months, just before going into storage, is the best time of year to get this done.

Unfortunately, the most important part of the restoration process is the removal of the existing coating. Chemical stripping (the preferred method of removing coatings) is not a process which is friendly to the environment. As such, the costs of having existing coatings removed from have recently soared through the roof and have made the process so expensive that in many cases, it is actually cheaper to replace the furniture than it is to refinish it.

For those of you contemplating patio furniture restoration, feel free to ask for quotes. Before doing so, it is suggested you look at the replacement costs of a similar set so that you can make the best decision.

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