Powder Coat

Powder coating is at the core of Colourfast’s business. As a superior paint product, powder coating is far more robust and durable than conventional liquid coating. Providing a much stronger and thicker coating than liquid paints, powder coating can be applied in a far more efficient and timely manner. Furthermore, powder coating is quite inexpensive compared to liquid paints and can also be recycled if over-sprayed, allowing for nearly 100 per cent of its use during the coating process.

A major advantage of powder coating is its environmentally friendly nature. Liquid coatings emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the environment. Powder coatings secrete no – or very little – VOCs, making it far more eco-friendly versus standard liquid paints.

Utilizing a quality management system that ensures every process is controlled and documented; Colourfast ensures that using powder coating, every job adheres to the company’s extremely high standards.