About Us

With humble beginnings in 1992, Colourfast Custom Coatings Ltd. has developed from a small job shop in Concord, Ont., to an internationally renowned custom coating specialist. With an inventory of over 1,000 colours and finishes in powder coatings and an endless range of liquid finishes, Colourfast has the timely coating solution for any project.

Internationally renowned for its high-quality coating process, artisanship and unwavering standards, Colourfast continues to prove that its high-grade powder coating is the best solution for any metal product. Powder coating is the ideal paint for manufacturers who cater to institutional furniture, airport seating, store fixtures, and home décor.

A crucial component of Colourfast’s high-quality service is the fact that every order that is processed through the facility is timed, and it is our objective to have nothing stay on the floor for more than 36 hours. With a meticulous focus on quality and speed, Colourfast aims to be faster, better and less expensive than any other coating specialist.

In 2000, Colourfast achieved a significant milestone, becoming the first and only local independent powder coating facility with ISO Certification. As the standard for quality management and business practice, Colourfast made a substantial investment to its unequalled Quality Management System in order to obtain this prestigious landmark. We continue to maintain that celebrated level of quality and service, and we strive towards our ultimate goal as a leader of excellence in powder coating.