Perfecting our craft from start to finish

Professional top grade custom finishing to suit your commercial and residential needs,
complete with special packaging, shipping and installation

Custom Finishing

Stand out in a crowd, make a statement and make it your own.  At Colourfast, we work closely with clients to select unique finishes and colour combinations for a variety of applications.  Whether is it a motorcycle frame, stock or aftermarket wheels or automotive accessories, a restoration project for a vintage bike or car, Colourfast provides the solution.    Winners of various awards in this sector, Colourfast has developed a strong reputation in providing custom finishes and leads in its field.  With over 1,500 finishes in stock and access to custom formulation for very specific applications, we invite the challenge of customizing your next project, one colour at a time.

Special Packaging

For many large industrial and corporate productions, a multitude of components and parts will need to be painted, packaged and shipped. These components may need to be sent to different locations across the country or the globe, and it is essential that each business site receive the adequate parts to setup or install the final product.

As a value-added service, Colourfast offers to compile all the components in special packaging provided by the customer for their specific products. This will allow each of your various locations to receive all the essential parts and pieces directly from us, cutting out needless and costly shipping fees. Each of your locations will obtain a finalized product that is ready straight out of the box. As a supply partner with many major corporate entities, Colourfast understands that streamlining services in a cost-effective manner keeps business moving efficiently and customers happy.

Minor Assembly

Adding to our special packaging service, and to further streamline your company’s operations, Colourfast offers a light assembly service as well. From the largest corporate giants to smaller entrepreneurial businesses, Colourfast recognizes the need for products to be ready directly out of the box. Instead of sending the finished product back to each customer for assembly, Colourfast handles the light assembly in-house. This allows for the immediate implementation and installation of the product once it’s on-site.

Whether the final location is in a store, warehouse or airport, this additional value-added service saves time and increases productivity for your business. To ease your logistic tension, have Colourfast handle the light assembly involved in your project’s construction and completion.


There is no question that sending products to be painted and finished adds to the logistic costs of your company. To guarantee the best workmanship you will look to high-quality, professional businesses that hold service in the highest regard.

Colourfast empathizes with the costly shipping fees involved in having products moved cross-country and overseas. By providing in-house light assembly and special packaging, you can rest assured that the finished product coming from our facility will immediately be ready for your business. So sure, in fact, we offer to ship the finished product directly to your various sites, wherever they may be. Drastically reduce your logistic costs and save a wealth of time by having your product painted, finished, assembled and shipped straight from our facility.